Sizing Info

Bracelet Sizing:

Beaded bracelets need to be longer than chain bracelets to fit properly and to allow for the diameter of the beads.

A bracelet using 4-6mm round beads will be longer than one using the flat Miyuki tila beads.

I measure from the shank or holes of the button to the end of the first sizing loop.

Wrap bracelets tend to fit more closely on the wrist, not too snug but not loose either.

Measuring Your Wrist:

In order to make sure that your bracelet fits, you’ll need to find your wrist size. There are two ways to do this, and both methods require just a few simple steps.

IMPORTANT: Wrist size can vary slightly between the left and right side, so measure the wrist you plan to wear your bracelet on the most often. If you usually wear bracelets on your left wrist, then measure that one; or, if you plan to wear the bracelet on your right wrist, then measure the right wrist.

Usually, the right wrist is a little bigger than the left wrist!

You can measure both wrists if you want to wear the bracelet on both, but please remember that if you pick a smaller size, the bracelet might not fit on the bigger wrist! If you want to wear the bracelet on both wrists, it’s recommended to buy a size that fits the bigger wrist.

Method 1: Flexible Tape Measure

Step 1: Wrap the tape measure around the wrist

Step 2: Find the spot where the “0” mark on the tape measure meets up with another measurement mark. In these photos, you can see that the “0” lines up with the 6 1/4″ mark on the right wrist, and with the 6 1/8″ mark on the left wrist.

The measurement that you take from the tape measure is your wrist size!

Method 2: String and Ruler

Step 1: Get a long piece of string or ribbon, and a tape measure or ruler.

Step 2: Wrap the string once around your wrist where you would place the bracelet, and mark the place where the end meets the rest of the string (see red mark in picture).

The length of the string from the end to the red mark will be the length of your wrist! Do not add length or overlap the ends.

Step 3: Take the string off your wrist and place it alongside the ruler, placing the end at the “0” mark. The measurement where the red mark is will be your wrist size.

Fitting Your Bracelet

These examples demonstrate how wrap bracelets are usually worn, and how they should ideally fit. As you can see, they’re fitted snugly on the wrist, although they can be worn looser if you choose! Each bracelet has two closure loops for adjustment.

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